2019 Music Camp Scholarship

Download: 2019 Music Camp Applications must be postmarked by April 22, 2019

The SALEM POPS ORCHESTRA SCHOLARSHIP program recognizes outstanding commitment to the study of instrumental and vocal music. In 2019, in addition to the $1,000 College Scholarship competition, the SALEM POPS ORCHESTRA will award one or more Music Camp Tuition Scholarships. Both are intended to provide financial assistance to local high school students with a deep personal commitment to the further study of music. The Music Camp scholarship (up to one-half the cost of the camp or up to a maximum of $250) may be used at any music camp acceptable to the Pops Scholarship Committee. Financial need is neither required nor considered.

      Applicants must reside in or attend high school in Marion or Polk County, Oregon.
      Applicants must document a strong personal commitment to music.
      Applicants for the Music Camp Scholarship must be a high school freshman, sophomore or junior and must demonstrate commitment to continued musical activities.
      Family members of the Selection Committee are not eligible. Family members of the Pops are eligible.

APPLICANT REQUIREMENTS (5 copies of each item):
      Completed Application Form
      Proposed Music Camp and a brief description of the camp, including dates, location, cost and contact person. A brochure may be attached to the application.
      Personal statement (5 copies, typed, double spaced) “Music in My Life” regarding his/her music background and how the camp will be beneficial in his/her musical development.
      A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s current music instructor and from an adult who is familiar with the applicant’s involvement with music
      An (unofficial) copy of the applicant’s academic transcript.
      Send five (5) completed application packets to: Music Camp Scholarship, Salem Pops Orchestra, P.O. Box 5794, Salem OR 97304. The postmark deadline April 22, 2019.

TO RECOMMENDING TEACHER:The named candidate for a Pops Scholarship has chosen you as a reference. Please place your confidential recommendation in a sealed envelope that is signed along the closure edge. Please address the following questions:
      How long and under what circumstances have you known the student?
      Please give us your evaluation of this student’s ability, motivation, imagination, and dedication to music. To what extent has this candidate made use of his/her academic potential?
      Please give us your impressions of the student’s integrity, aims, and values. How do peers and adults regard the student? Include any additional information that might assist the selection committee in its task.

SELECTION PROCESS: The Pops Scholarship Committee will base its selection on materials submitted by the applicant, recommendations and other relevant material it deems appropriate. Their decision is final.

QUESTIONS: Contact Hale Thornburgh (503) 581-0274 email: rohaleth@gmail.com