Past Pictures

Cindy Dicken and the Pops Nov 2017

2018 Christmassy String Basses

2018 Halloween Strings

Typical drummer Jesse Salas

Jesse Animal Salas October 2108

Marcy Todd Miss Maracas

Kurleen Nowickas

Gail Gage Jazz March 2018

Bonfire Bettys Dec 2017

Santa Spirit Dec 2017

Andi Bean on Steel Drum Dec 2017

Santa and Elves with the Pops Dec 2017

Cindy captures everyone Nov 2017

Kevin Gage and Andi Bean on Mandolins Nov 2017

Scott and Cindy Dicken Nov 2017

Scott and Cindy Nov 2017

Larry Harrington fills in on percussion Nov 2017

No peeking! March 2017

The Severin Sisters

Tony Beyer May 2017

The Severin Sisters March 2017

Marah Christenson May 2017

Hayley Guptil May 2017

Fenny and Jennifer Stars and Stripes Forever

Andy Fischbacher directs May 2017

Andy Fischbacher Concertmaster

Andy Fischbacher applauded for filling in March 2017

Adam Hulett Christmas 2014

Amy and Heidi Severin March 2007

Amy Griffith, guest harpist November 2012

Andrea and Joe Miller March 2010

Andrea Fogue and Verna Duncan

Andrea Miller March 2012

Andrea Miller with Dad Joe, March 2010

Andy Fischbacher and Kimmy Martin May 2015

Anna Peterson Reads the Pops Proclamation for 50th Anniversa

Anna Peterson, Salem Mayor

Applause for Yvonee as the Gypsy Fiddler

Ariana Parks with the Pops 2013-05-04

Ashton Palmer with the Pops, May 2014

At the Elsinore, March 2013

Brass showing off 2003

Brass, percussion and strings November 2012

Capital Manor 2009

Cassio Vianna Carnaval do Brasil March 2014

Cassio Vianna March 2014

Christina Duane, vocalist, December 2009

Christmas concert 2014

Connie and Vern Madison

Crowd at 50th Anniversary

Dick Barber with his 50 year plaque

Dr. Keller Coker with the Pops November 2012

Drummer's eye view

Elaine Dobson, Sandra Elliott, LeRoy Judd, Larry Drake

Elegant Yvonne Hsueh November 2011

Entertaining at the Meier and Frank Gala

Four Fiddles Ron Kilde, Yvonne Hsueh, Daryl Silberman, Gwen

Fred Hard, Frank Owens and Ron Steen March 08

Gail and Carolyn Gage

Gwen Gates November 2008

Gypsy Yvonne Hsueh

Hale Thornburgh and Larry Harrington present Margianne Milne

Hale Thornburgh and Valerie Farris with Emma Bidwell, Clair

Hale Thornburgh receives plaque from Jon Shrout and Andrea F

Ike charms the audience March 2013

Ike gets in the Christmas spirit-small

Ike Nail with the Pops May 2012

Ike Nail with the Pops

Ike rehearses us 2012-11-03

Jammin' at the Pops picnic July 2010

John Philbrick, Pops President

John Radosta Director for 20 years

John Radosta guest conducts March 07

Johnny Martin and Melba Henderson May 07

Johnny Martin dances with Louise Putman May 07

Julie Hittner-Young Christmas 2014

Julie Hittner-Young December 2012

Julie Hittner-Young with the Pops Dec. 014

Kellen Coker November 2012

Keller Coker November 2012

Keller Coker with the Pops 2012-11-04

Keller Coker, Scott Napper and Glen Tadina 2012-11-04

Kendra Johnson with the Pops May 2014

Ladies' quartet of show tunes 2003

Larry's grandson helps celebrate Larry's retirement May 2012

Larry Harrington and Jackie Van Paepeghem, Dec 7 2008

Larry Harrington April 2010

Larry Harrington Directing

Larry Harrington hugs Andrea Miller at 50th concert

Larry Harrington passes the Pops baton to Dr. Ike Nail

Louise Putnam's last concert October 2014

Luoise Putman's retirement after 50 years

Marcy Todd's hands

Marika Straw at the 2009 Art Fair w Hale Thornburgh Pops Pre

Mark Kershner at rehearsal

Mark Kershner in Dec of 07

Mark Kershner with the Pops, December 2007

Martin Sobelman's La Marimbanda, May 2009

Mayor Anna Peterson proclaiming Salem Pops Day

Meg Cutting after performing with the Pops May 2014

Melba Henderson plays a musical saw

Mike and Elizabeth Strickland 4 hands

Mike and Elizabeth Strickland March 2013

Mike Strickland March 2013

Mike Strickland

Pentacle at the Pops March 07

Percussion clowns, October 2014 Hale, Marcy Todd and Jesse S

Pops 50th Anniversary cake

Pops calendar March 2006

Pops Christmas photo 2010

Pops Dec 07

Pops founder Del Milne early 1970s at Capital Manor

Yvonne Hsueh with the Pops November 2009

Rehearsing at the Elsinore March 2013

Relaxing during rehearsal at the Elsinore

Romona Thornburgh, Roberta Martin, Dave Raffetto and Verna D.

Ron Kilde, Paul La Franiere and Larry Fleetwood

Ron Kilde, Paul LaFrenier and Larry Fleetwood

Scott Napper solo November 2012

Severin Sister March 2012

Severin Sisters

The orchestra joins the audience in a standing ovation

The Stars and Stripes Forever 2012-11-03

Trombones November 2012

TrumpeterJonathan Hamm Christmas 2014

Unbande at rehearsal

Other/Unbande Oregon David Seidenberg, Daryl Silberman, Chritopher

Violas and basses November 2012

Violins and woodwinds November 2012

Violins November 2012

Weather Machine at the Pops October 2014

Where are we asks the timpanist

Yvonne Hsueh in 2009

Yvonne Hsueh November 2008

Yvonne Hsueh shakes hands with Concertmaster Andy Fischbache